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I live just southeast of the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore in an old depot house once belonging to the Empire & S.E. Railroad  near Empire Junction.

From my home overlooking the north branch of the Platte River, I am within easy reach of the striking shorelines, charming towns, and rolling hills that make northwest Lower Michigan such a unique place.

After making a career change about twenty years ago I felt I was in a bit of a creative vacuum. The new job was great and all but… I began taking a very serious interest in photography. Film first and then digital. Every aspect of photography is exciting to me. I embrace the spontaneity of photography and relish the pleasure putting myself in the right place and time to capture evocative, yet ephemeral moments. I also enjoy still life photography. I’m passionate about the process of visualizing an idea and then bringing that idea to life as an image.

Light, atmosphere (time of day), technique, equipment and post processing all play an important yet equal role in my creative process. I capture most images with Nikon digital cameras in RAW file format.

My images printed on 100% cotton rag fine art paper with archival ink produce a slightly illustrative look with very accurate color reproduction. For the most part my goal is to produce images that very closely resemble the moment when they were taken.

I enjoy putting myself in the moment. I aspire to be good enough at my craft to prove that I was there and entice you to step into the photograph and join me in that moment.

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